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  • Biking With Your Dog Just Got A Whole Lot Safer

    Let's face it, most dogs love to run, but us humans are physically limited in our ability to keep up with the speed and endurance of our pups.
  • Top 10 Reasons to Get DogTV

    Rocky is more of a passive viewer, but Zoey has trouble controlling her excitement and will get right up to the TV. In my mom’s opinion, too close, “Scoot back, you’ll ruin your eyes”, I could imagine her saying.
  • Quarantine is Quality Time for Our Fur Queens and Kings

    Zoey and Rocky think this is how life was meant to be. Spending all day with humans whose most important daily activity is spoiling them rotten. Long walks in the canyon, strolls through neighborhood followed by lots of lounging, petting, meals and treats.
  • Why Swaggy Pet was Created

    I'm a simple guy, so naturally I like things to be easy and efficient. eCommerce has made it easy and cost-efficient to find and buy the common pro...