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Biking With Your Dog Just Got A Whole Lot Safer

Let's face it, most dogs love to run, but us humans are physically limited in our ability to keep up with the speed and endurance of our pups.

Biking with them is an option allowing them to stretch their legs, but holding onto a leash while riding creates hazards and risk of serious injury to you and your dog. One tug on the leash could cause a crash and road rash isn't fun. The leash could get caught in the chain causing a multi-dog pile up. The only safe options are having a big yard or a trip to the local dog park (if there is one), which isn't always convenient.

Well, Bike Tow Leash has thought of all that with a clever design that virtually eliminates the risks I mentioned above. Not only is it cool (we love cool) and simple to use, but it's also versatile. It works on nearly any bike and can be installed on either side of your ride. They also have versions that work on trikes or wheelchairs and motorized scooters

This all sounds great, but what do you do if you have more than one dog. Taking one at a time is less than ideal. Fortunately, BTL has thought of that too. They have a Dog Coupler allowing you to simultaneously exercise your multi-dog family.

Swaggy Pet is excited to offer this innovative product. You can purchase BTL for your traditional bike or for your wheelchair or scooter with us and we'll ship it and configure it for free. Just tell us the make and model of your bike in the notes section at checkout and we'll get it done. 

Learn more about BTL and see it in action in this video.  

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