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Quarantine is Quality Time for Our Fur Queens and Kings


 You're probably like me and have had enough of staying at home and hearing newly- invented terms like "shelter in place" and practice good 'social distancing."While I’m not dogging (pardon the pun) the recommendations and certainly want everyone to remain healthy and safe, but I want to get back to life as we know it.

 One the other side of the coin, I do have 2 members of my family that want this to be the “new normal.” Zoey and Rocky think this is how life was meant to be. Spending all day with humans whose most important daily activity is spoiling them rotten. Long walks in the canyon, strolls through neighborhood followed by lots of lounging, petting, meals and treats.

 With our dogs, more is never enough. I find Zoey moping like she’s been ignored for weeks when we get busy trying to work or keep our kids focused on their “distant learning” (another new term). We treat them like royalty and they act like it, expecting nothing less than this.

 Jockeying for position to maximize their people time, begging for a 2nd or 3rd walk and whimpering for more treats is their Groundhog Day. Fat, happy and healthy is how they want to live, but we do our best to avoid the former.

 We do enjoy it. It brings a smile to our faces. It’s a healthy diversion from listening to the talking heads on TV or pontificating politicians. They keep us sane from this mundane.

 While we want our former lives back, our furry royal subjects provide a little perspective and entertainment. Enjoy these moments while you can because when the world opens back up, be prepared for your pet to protest.

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