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Top 10 Reasons to Get DogTV

At Swaggy Pet, we’re proud to partner with DogTV. In fact, we’re fortunate to have their General Manager, Beke Lubeach, as a Swaggy Pet Advisor. She’s well known and respected in the industry and provides insight to new Swaggy-worthy products and trends.

I firmly believe in their product and our pups are active watchers. Rocky is more of a passive viewer, but Zoey has trouble controlling her excitement and will get right up close to the TV. In my mom’s opinion, too close, “Scoot back, you’ll ruin your eyes”, I could imagine her saying.

As an homage to David Letterman, I put together my “Top Ten Reasons to Get DogTV.”

  1. Try it for Free – All new Swaggy Pet customers get a Free month of DogTV.
  2. It’s Science - DogTV is based on more than sixty scientific studies.
  3. Just for Dogs (mostly) - Custom content is designed specifically for dogs, including color and sound modifications, so don’t adjust your TV.
  4. Available Everywhere - Because it streams on any internet-connected device via the DogTV app, your best friend can watch at home or away.
  5. You Can Watch My Kids - I may be biased, but that should be reason enough. They were the featured humans in some of DogTV’s earlier content.
  6. Stimulating – It’s like Netflix for dogs.
  7. Relaxing – Provides comfort to your furry family while you’re away.
  8. Human Entertainment - Yes, designed for dogs, but humans (I’m one of them) find their pooches interacting with DogTV quite fetching.
  9. Zoey Approved - See her in action below
  10. Free - Did I mention the first month is Free to all new Swaggy Pet customers?

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