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Why Swaggy Pet was Created

I'm a simple guy, so naturally I like things to be easy and efficient. eCommerce has made it easy and cost-efficient to find and buy the common products from big brands that’ll be at my door in a day or two.

What do you do if you need something special that solves a specific need? You could spend hours searching and researching. Who has that time?

I have been there and unfortunately, spent that time. I had a project I was working on for my son’s baseball team. I had never done it before, but I needed to do it right. Searches took hours and produced thousands of products, but I only need one.

Social media has become an excellent vehicle for unique, original or inventive products from new and emerging companies. I like those that try to do things better, differently or cheaper. I like to help those that are taking a risk with their idea or dream.

They usually have that one solution, but only that one. If it will serve our needs, great, but then we’re left with other concerns. We don’t know who they are or where they are. When will our order arrive? Will it arrive?

I have been there, too. I ordered a product on Instagram that claimed to do the job at half the price, so I ordered. They took my money, but heard nothing else. They didn’t have a way to be contacted, no email address, no phone number. A month later I received an email that it was on it’s way with a tracking number, 6 weeks later it arrived. I began believing I was saving $150 to thinking I was swindled.

You see the problem? There is not much in between. I wanted to create a place to fill that void for people and their passions.  For us pet owners, it’s hard to find something we’re more passionate about than our non-human family members.

We must make your Swaggy Pet experience rewarding, so we’re guided by specific principles:

Product Standards - Curate our site with quality, fun, functional, innovative and stylized products

Simple and Easy - Make it easy to find, easy to purchase what you need

Trust - We will strive to earn it from our customers and work with vendors and partners that have earned ours

Communication – We value and listen to your feedback and suggestions

Innovate Always – Get better every day which requires evaluating products and processes as part of conducting business

Perspective - Take our business seriously, but not ourselves

Our goal is perfection, but which cannot be attained, so the closer we get, the better we’ll be.


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