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About Us

An Evolution in the Making

It's an Evolution in the Making

It's been years in the making. The evolution and eventual vastness of the web and eCommerce have made it inevitable. How do you find functional products that look and do it better? Search engines look everywhere and the big shopping sites have everything. What if you only want that one thing or two, but only a moment or two?

You are focused on many things, so you need a destination who's thing aligns with your thing. We've been there which is why Swaggy Pet is here with a focus and purpose.

We like fun, style, innovation, but not at the sacrifice of quality and function. If you're reading this, then we share a common pain. If you found our site, then we share a love for our furry families. Below is a picture of our happy idiots (dogs, not people), which is our term of endearment because of their unconditional love they share.

We hope SwaggyPet.com provides a valuable experience to find that thing or two. So, we strive to stay "in the know" by partnering and working with some of the biggest and knowledgeable influencers. Hey, we like to hang with people smarter than us.

Our collections are dynamic, so we will add products that serve the needs of you and...your "happy idiots" and retire those that fall short. Our goal is to always provide value and we encourage your feedback because you're our biggest influencers.


The Swaggy Pet Team

P.S. Please feel free to email me us at info@swaggypet.com to share your valuable opinion. 

Our Happy Idiots